Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rum Punch. And what-not.

I have to tell you all -- rum punch, or the variation I make (vodka, rum, whatever myriad of juice's we have on hand, and club soda) is Won. Der. FUL.

And? The season finale of Grey's Anatomy -- which I only watch on Hulu when I run out of new episodes of things I liked -- was the best episode ever. Even if it portrayed gun owners as lunatics. And really? You can buy a Beretta 9 mm at Wal-Mart in Seattle, Washington? I doubt it! In Texas, maybe.

Re-connecting with a few friends from college (a select few) is also pretty cool. Although I'm a little worried about what one of them might post on my FB page. Guess I can always delete it.

And my husband? Yeah. He's the best. God, he puts up with a lot from me. And the kids. He's the type of guy who'll advocate for the toddler when the toddler wants to wear his underpants backwards so he can see the character. Which KILLS me. Because it's not RIGHT. But, then I'm also the one who advocates for the toddler in other situations that kill the hubby. So we're even.

Even if he did give me glasses for Valentine's day one year. KITCHEN glasses. With one conveniently pre-broken in the box. He now hates the story but I love it because he's gotten so much better about gift-giving. i.e. he follows my list. Not expecting miracles here, people. The fact that he often does the dishes and always mows the lawn? That's the real gift.

My grandson? Is adorable. But what stinks? I can't babysit him alone even after I get infant CPR refresher and apnea monitor training. Because I'm color blind. Can't see if he's going blue around the mouth. Which he doesn't seem to be doing. Luckily my hubby and my daughter are not, so they'll be my babysitting accomplices. My sons in this situation? Useless just like me. Sorry for the color-blind gene, boys. You can totally blame me. But Spencer? Is amazingly healthy for a 33 week gestation baby.

Did I mention rum punch yet? Still awesome!! And the fodder for this post, actually. (I can tell you're all shocked!)

Have you all checked out the blog Mommy wants Vodka? Aunt Becky (author of the blog) is hysterical. And not in the negative Victorian definition. She's planning a Blogger cruise. Check her out -- you might want to go. Of course, anyone who reads this probably already knows about Aunt Becky.

So yep -- got the head on straight. Took a while. Sometimes that happens.

And then there's rum punch. :-)

Hope everyone is having as fun a Saturday night as I am!!