Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speaking on 'Blended Families'

A quick call for help to all my fellow step-moms out there! And, actually, to anyone who has been a part of a step-family or blended family. I've been invited to speak at a parenting conference in July on blended families. I'm hoping you all can share words of wisdom and things you've learned through the years of being in the trenches. I promise I'll cite your websites as references (if you want) if I use your advice. So, share away!

And if you know of anyone else who has a blended family, has been a step-son or a step-daughter, please share this with them. I'd love to have a bunch of input. Even from biological moms. And, yes, I will be speaking to my kids biological mom to see if there's anything (good, bad, or ugly) that she feels is important to share.