Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, why not?

So everyone else is doing it, right? Have to go with the crowd. (And hush up out there with your, "If your friends jumped off a bridge," comments. No, I wouldn't. Jumping off a bridge is dumb. And scary. This, not so much.) But, like the other cool kids on the internet, I figure I have a bunch of cute, crazy kidlings who will give me much fodder. And, who knows, maybe someday they'll thank me for documenting their childhood. (Older children of mine, sorry 'bout your luck. I'll try to post a few cute memories.)

Guess I should introduce you to the crew. To make the story short, I met my husband at 22 and married him after 10 weeks of dating. In our Associate Pastor's living room. On a Tuesday. Very romantic. Highly recommend it, actually. The honeymoon got off to a chilly start when I found myself, the very next morning standing on a slab of ice, in the dark with my two new stepsons, awaiting their schoolbus. Yep. Turns out no one thought to offer to take his (our) three children overnight on the night we got married. They were all that shocked. (For the record, less than a year later the Associate Pastor's wife said to me, "This has turned out better than anyone thought it would!" Then she realized what she'd said and looked HORRIFIED. I just laughed. Still makes me chuckle.)

I was 23 when I became a wife and stepmom to "Football", "Photo", and "Pixie-girl." And also 23 when, 40 and 1/2 weeks after the wedding, I gave birth to my first son. (We'll call him Billy-Bob.) 15 months after B.B. 'Belle' arrived (and the "Now you have a boy and a girl and you can stop" comments began. Yeah, because that's 'perfect' right? And that's what I'm going for, perfection. Um, no, not so much.) 17 months later, another son joined the pack, "Gil." And my thyroid died. Gil was followed by "Little-Louie" 2 1/2 years later and finally "The Bear." The Bear is now 19 months old and my husband says he's done. And, actually, so am I. A little. Some days. {{sigh}} Is it possible to be addicted to new babies? Because I might be. But not as much as the Duggers. The crew currently range in age from 21 y.o. to 19 months.

This past December (take note, don't let your children get married in December. First of all, it blows a family's budget all to heck. Second of all, it's cold and gets dark too quickly to get outdoor pictures) our family added another child when "Football" married a sweet, adorable girl. "Little Red-Haired Girl" is only 18. And, yes, they've heard the statistics. And, yes, they know they're really young. And so do I. But they are a level-headed, future-thinking pair. In fact, the pastor who married them mentioned their maturity during the ceremony. So now the pair is living cozily in our guest room while home loan matters get worked out. Yeah. But I actually enjoy having them here. Really. And when they move out, though I'll be happy they're finally going to have their own home, I will miss them.

Anyhow, welcome to my crazy world! I hope you find a bit of humor in my life. I sure do. It's either that or a straitjacket.

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