Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turkey Crazy

Went grocery shopping today. Nothing new, right? Except in the fall they put turkeys on sale. Like, $.19/lb. on sale. Sometimes free if you buy $50.00 worth of groceries. And for us that's simple. How can they expect me to pass up on that family feeding deal?

But now, every time I walk into the house with a frozen turkey my husband snickers. I have a bad track record with turkeys. I get obsessive about turkeys. I HAVE to buy turkeys. And about 10 years ago, my obsession got out of control.

And we ended up with about a dozen turkeys in our deep freeze that's hidden deep in the dark, cobwebby, recesses of our basement.

A dozen turkeys. Turkeys that, it turns out, died for no good reason. Because when faced with a turkey, and two little children, a pregnant tummy and homeschooling my three step children, I was overwhelmed. I just didn't know where to start. The thought of cleaning out my fridge enough to make room to defrost a turkey made me tired. The thought of defrosting it in my always filled kitchen sink made me tired. And the thought of thawing it on the counter scared me to pieces as I imagined my children in the hospital with food-bourne illness.

So the turkeys sat in the freezer. For two years. Until we were gifted a side of beef for Christmas and my husband dumped them to make room.

So when I came home with a frozen turkey today, my husband snickered remembering the 12 sacrificed turkeys. And rightfully so. I defensively tossed out, "We're eating that THIS weekend. And I'll only buy 2. I PROMISE." He just grinned at me. (Thanks, honey for putting up with my antics!)

He knows me and yet he love me. And when I tell him, "I had to buy them! They were practically FREE!" he accepts that as part of my crazy.

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