Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby watch update

They are using cytotec to prepare Little Red to receive pitocin to induce true labor contractions. So far, 3 doses of cytotec have been given and both she and baby are tolerating them well so that's the good news. I hear the word, "Cytotec" and mentally freak out, as any homebirther would. But I had to back up and weigh the information -- what percentage of moms have problems on Cytotec? A very small percentage. And what percentage of moms have problems during homebirth? A very small percentage. Yet, the possibility of disaster exists in both situations and yet I choose a homebirth. What are Little Red's options right now? 1. leave her pregnant which is dangerous, 2. automatic c-section, or 3. go with the cytotec and attempt a natural delivery. It seems to be the best choice among three not-so-hot options.

She went from being 0% effaced to 50% with mild, regular contractions. That's great news! It means a body that is totally not ready to birth a baby is co-operating with being forced.

Keep praying -- looks like baby will be along sometime Sunday.

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