Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have the funniest (i.e. strangest) kids sometimes. While sitting in the living room checking out the step-mom blogs I follow, a paid program comes on tv. For the Jack LaLaine Power Juicer. My six year old was in my line of sight, standing in front of the microwave making a bag of popcorn and a memory came flooding back.

When Little Louie was about 4 y.o. he sat, transfixed, in front of the tv watching the Power Juicer infomercial. He was fascinated. And he wanted one. Badly. He even asked for one for Christmas. And his birthday. We bookmarked the site on the computer so he could watch the infomercial any time he wanted. It was way too funny.

I asked him today if he still wanted a juicer for his birthday. He grinned his wonderfully sweet grin and shook his head no. But he remembers wanting that juicer. And right this minute? He's sitting, once again transfixed, watching Jack Lalaine and his wife sell a juice machine. I wish I had a decent camera and knew how to post photos on here because the grin he keeps giving me is just too sweet.

Can I just add? Jack reminds me a little of my grandpa, "You're getting gypped there!" Love you grampa!


Exciting news: Belle will be starting tutoring with a specialist to remediate her dyslexia (I think that's the term) a week from now. For FREE! Finally a specialist was willing to call it 'Dyslexia' which is a relief in itself. But for this wonderful woman to volunteer her time to meet with Belle on a regular basis for 2 years? I see some seriously wonderful gift cards in Mrs. L's future.


Rehearsals started for the Spring Ballet (Peter Pan) today. Billy-Bob, to his relief, was only cast in one role for this show. He was pretty tuckered out by his multiple roles -- including the Nutcracker Prince -- in the Nutcracker this past December. Belle, to the dismay of a few jealous older girls in her class, was given three nice roles -- mermaid, Indian maiden, and pixie fairy. I love that she's handling her good fortune with class and grace. (More class and grace than me, I'm afraid!) And Gil, my wonderful, intellectual looking boy was cast as John, the older brother. He's only 9 but has amazing potential. So glad he's getting this chance because living in Billy-Bob's shadow for 9 years has been a tough pill to swallow, Thank you Gail for your casting wisdom! If Gil had been cast to play Michael, the teddy-bear toting little brother, to Billy-Bob's John it would've been a nightmare.

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