Friday, February 19, 2010

My first blogroll! (and other tidbits)

Was going through the blogs I follow today and happened to look at the blogroll on Nine Kinds of Crazy. Opened up Stepmothering, then had a 'Whoa! Wait a second!' moment. My blog is listed on her blogroll! My first ever. I know I have a few readers -- my daughter-in-law, Sharon (from Nine Kinds of Crazy), and someone who thinks I hate my children because she loves her dog more. But to be on a blogroll? It almost felt like my little corner of the internet just blossomed from pretend to real life.


Working on potty training the 2 1/2 year old. The Bear is kicking my butt on this one. He's shown me he's willing to give up everything he loves (candy, tv, toys, paci) to avoid pottying on potty. And before someone tells me, "Maybe he's not ready!" trust me -- he's ready. He wakes up dry in the morning. When I sit him on the potty, he'll hold it for HOURS until I have to put him in a diaper to leave the house and promptly use the diaper. The kid is ready, but not willing. I know it will eventually happen, I just wish he was a bit more of a people pleaser at this moment.


Working on planning a baby shower for my daughter-in-law. Her mom and I and her three friends were going to do it, until Biomom called. The fact that she called to be involved surprised me. I was nice and we agreed to do the food together. The thing is, historically she hasn't proven very reliable about helping with events -- except for food. Financially and work-wise, it's been my husband and myself carrying the load.

So, to keep her in the loop I sent her the jpeg of the shower invite. (designed by Sara Luke at A Life Less Ordinary -- Little Red had 100% input on the design and wording. And chose to have baby's name put on the invite. Biomom? Calls me and tells me I'd made a mistake on the invite -- I'd put the baby's name on it and the kids aren't telling anyone what they're having until after the shower. Ummm. . . . they've been telling people since January 8th. Where have you been? Typical.


Anyone know how to deal with a 7 year old who can't seem to stop lying? I'm a little scared that this is going to be something he doesn't outgrow.


Gil and Belle both received special Valentines from special someones. Belle's wasn't a surprise -- in fact she had been working on staining and varnishing a box for her Valentine. Gil? We had no idea. It's the little sister of Belle's 'friend.' Gil was sweet and made her a ponytail 'tutu' to reciprocate. And Billy-bob was invited to his school's Valentine's Day dance by his crush. How -- WHEN? -- did this happen? When did they get old enough for this?!


If anyone can share with me how to create a blogroll on my site, how to put links to past posts or other posts (you know -- the ones where it's highlighted and underlined and you just have to click to go to that site?) I'd appreciate it. The fact that I'm able to get a post to show on my site amazes me. Not the most computer literate person.

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  1. Easy peasy. Go to your Blogger dashboard and there's a button for Layout. Then click on Add a Gadget, Blogroll. It's pretty user-friendly if you just play around with it. Don't forget to SAVE and you're done! :)