Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In which I almost pass out. . .

Got on my blog today and Hey! Two comments on my last post! Wow.


Oh. My. GOD! It's Stephanie Snowe! On my blog! Holy Hell!

{{breathing into a paper bag}}

Okay. A little better now.

Yes, indeed, to respond to your comment Ms. Snowe, he was quite a douche. Actually, that gives douches a bad name. What is worse than a douche? That's him. Second doctor was great but had to go and get married and move to North Carolina. Or South. I could Google stalk him and find out.

Third doctor is quirky. Likes to tell stories -- draw weird diagrams to explain things, and often gets off track. But he's into natural things as a first try, which I like. Because Prozac? Gave me issues in the, ummm. . . bedroom. But it did take care of the rashes I was getting because of the chemical imbalance so I guess it was a decent temporary trade-off.


For those of you who don't know why I freaked out about Stephanie Snowe commenting on my blog you can find her here:

Freaking hysterical. And thoughtful. And pissy at just the right moments. And inspirational. And a PUBLISHED author!

Go read her.

(I'm putting her on my blog roll right now -- I had her 'favorited' on a different computer. )


  1. I'm quirky and into natural therapy also. Maybe I should be a doctor!

  2. Stepped -- lol! You're probably more qualified than MANY of the doctors I've run into. I really hate 99.99% of doctors out there.