Monday, February 22, 2010

A puckle!

Is it wrong to mess with your kids' minds? Not, like, telling them you have breast cancer before your biopsy results come back, or telling them you're having repeated heart attacks or strokes when it's just heartburn and sleep apnea. Not that bad. But, letting them make up a word and then encouraging them to use it because it's so darn cute?

When Little Louie was 3 (I can't believe he just turned 7!) he discovered the word, "Couple." As in, "If you have two cars, you have a couple of cars." His mental wheels went 'round and 'round and he asked me, "If two is a couple, then what's three?" Before I answered he exclaimed, "I know!! A PUCKLE!"

O-kay. We'll go with that!

So for about a year everyone in the house would count: One, two, puckle, four, five. . . . The goal was to see how long it would take for him either realize or have a preschool teacher inform him that the word 'puckle' did not mean 'three.'

Sadly, I'm not sure when it ended. I might have to blame Sesame Street for working the 'puckle' out of him.

But it sure was cute while it lasted!

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  1. When reciting his alphabet Middle Boy used to say "Em-AH-Nem" and I finally had to stop him and work him through saying it out "M, N" just to make sure he really knew. :) My parents used to mess with me all the time and I came out OK. ha ha.