Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health Ramblings

As I've told you all before, I have a slightly kooky doctor. He draws diagrams to illustrate what he's telling me, talks about how osteoporosis is similar to the reason the Twin Towers fell on 9/11 (with the help of some crazies and their planes), and says things like, "What blood type are you? O? Oh, you shouldn't be eating peanut butter anyway. Almond butter is better for you." And no, he's not saying people shouldn't eat peanuts, he's saying people with Type O blood shouldn't eat peanuts.

I guess he's basing it on the book Eat Right For Your Type. Which I picked up this week and thumbed through. Now, I don't know how it lines up for the other blood types but a lot of the medical/allergy tendencies line right up with my family's medical issues. (We're all type O's.) Autoimmune disorders? Check! Hayfever? Check! Lots and lots of other, weird, allergies? Check! Wacked out sometimes too strong immune system? Check! Example of a wacked-out-too-strong immune system: Belle, now 11, had chickenpox. But? We didn't know it. Her version must have been a bit of a sniffle, maybe a runny nose, and a headache. But not a SINGLE SPOT. We had a titre done on her as she'd been exposed time and again but never developed the pox. It was positive. She's immune. Lucky little monkey.

Anyway, so I've been curious about why I shouldn't be eating peanuts and what I SHOULD be eating. So I hit up the health food store near the kids' ballet school and rented a few recommended books. One is the Eat Right one I've wanted. The other? The Yeast Connection. Eat Right tells me O's should eat mostly meat and certain veggies, stay away from wheat, oats, most grains, in fact. The Yeast Connection tells me I should eat mostly meats and veggies during the onset phase of dealing with yeast -- stay away from fruit and all grains (for now), refined/processed grains and sugars (forever.)

All I can say is AARRGGHHH!!

I look around my kitchen and see frosted shredded wheat, honey nut 'scooters' (Cheerios), oatmeal, fruit, and, yes, junk food. Eating 'right' (according to two authors) is going to be tough. Even tougher? Changing a family this size to rice and buckwheat based products. Getting rid of the corn chips, the potatoes and pasta, the breakfast cereals and whole grain breads. Re-doing the Sunday morning pancakes and waffles.

The thing is, for Hubby and I, this is something we really need to do. For my health if nothing else. I'm plagued by chronic yeast issues. Get rid of it, comes back. Wanna guess who else is carrying it? Yep. Probably Hubby. So if I get rid of the yeast, he'll give it right back.

So here we go again. On a diet. But for health rather than weight-loss. (Although that should be a great side-effect.) Anyone want to place bets on how long I'll be able to last?


On a fun note -- I make the Bear leave his paci in his crib in the morning. He must have some stashed because he just came up to me, paci in his mouth chanting, "Haha! Got 'nother paci! Haha! Got 'nother paci" with his mouth full of pacifier. He's potty trained but still has his paci. Can you tell he's the baby of the family?!

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