Sunday, March 28, 2010


The Bear, also known around these parts as Stinker, is starting to pick up social cues. He's with me this morning playing Mommy-Makes-A-Really-Good-Playground-When-She-Is-Tired-And-Still-Wants-To-Stay-In-Bed. It's a great game when you're a toddler, I guess.

So after climbing over me, sliding down my legs, hanging on my back sing-songing, "I wuv you!" and all kinds of other fun activities, he lays on his back and starts kicking me. Repeatedly. You can just tell he's testing.

One look. I just gave him with one "Are you seriously kicking mommy?" look.

And he responds, "Whoops! I just jo-king!"

At least one man in my life gets social cues!!

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