Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Kidling Post

Can I just take a moment to tell you all how much I love my kids?

The Bear, standing on his chair at the kitchen counter eating Cocoa Puffs, just discovered the treat at the bottom of the bowl. "Umm!!! Chocolate MILK!" I hear as I sit typing in the next room. It's the little things for him right now.

Little Louie just brought home a report card that showed marked improvement over the last, which was a pretty good report card in itself. But his teacher told him what he had to do to get E's (exemplary) instead of just P's (proficient) and he went up in over 50% of his subjects. And his reading!! Holy moly! Following two dyslexic siblings, to have a natural reader is soooooooo exciting!!

Gil is really working hard on being pleasant and not prickly and finding it's not as hard as he works it up to be in his mind. He's a really compassionate kid, but lets the grumpies get a hold of him and tends to dive off into the meanie end of the pool often. I'm seeing him really work to back down and find the compassionate angle instead of being so testy. I love this sweet side of my Gilly-monster! (And he brought home straight A's, too!)

Belle's technique is really coming along in ballet. She's in a class with girls 2+ years older, and it sometimes takes her a little longer to get to where the best in the class are due to muscle development, emotional development (understanding of her body), and her dyslexia. But recently, I've seen so many improvements in her technique that are just outstanding for an 11 year old! She's really lovely to watch -- even if I am the biased momma bear. (And she brought home straight A's, too!)

And Billy Bob. My Autistic/Asperger's leaning preteen. He struggled so much at the beginning of the school year going from being homeschooled to a magnet school that included grades 6-12, changing classes, and an itty-bitty locker. Oh, the STRESS! The tears! He wanted to stay but every day was torture trying to keep in the self-stim habits that the stress was bringing out. Now? Totally different kiddo. He has friends, is being invited to birthdays, and has cute girls after him. I mean, REALLY cute girls. Plural. Honestly, I really believe I have the ballet to thank for the discipline and co-ordination he's now exhibiting. Not to mention the self-confidence. It's easy to have your self-confidence built when you have a bunch of people treating you like the Second Coming, which is how boys are treated in ballet schools. But the self-confidence and the co-ordination is why my boys began ballet lessons. So happy it's worked for them! (And he brought home straight A's, too!)

As for all the good report cards -- for everyone who says homeschoolers don't learn anything, that it will destroy a child's social skills, that they'll be behind if they're sent to school -- I call BULL$H!T!!!!

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